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Grundtvig projekt Photography in promotion and preservation of natural heritage

GRU WS 2012 Learner application form

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Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-EE1-GRu13-03606
Venue:  Elva town and its surroundings, Tartu county, Estonia
Date of the Workshop: 06/06/2013 - 12/06/2013
Project title – Photography in promotion and preservation of natural heritage
Subject area:
-        Artistic education, nature photography
-        Natural sciences, through nature photography
Working languages– EN English
Target Group + Translation:
This study circle is targeted at financially less secure people interested in nature photography, whose hobby is to take pictures in the wild and who already have a certain experience in nature photography and would thereby like to improve their relevant skills, content-wise and technically, however, they lack financial resources to participate in international workshops of nature photography under the supervision of recognised nature photographers (Arne Ader and Urmas Tartes).
Main activities Programme + Programme translation:
The programme comprises thematic lectures-seminars, practical photography sessions and discussions regarding technical tips and the outcomes. During the last three days, the participants will be given specific tasks regarding taking pictures in natural surroundings, and the photos will be analysed at the end of the day.
Themes to be covered:
-        The essence, goals and ethics of nature photography
-        Visual communication – the narrative and charm, i.e. about the foundation of composition
-        Photo-hunt methodology 
-        Natural conditions as the object and resource of photography
-        Digital darkroom: opportunities and threats
-        Close-up photography, with a practical photo session in nature
-        Elimination of technical inadequacies in a digital darkroom
-        Long-range photography, with a practical photo session in nature
-        Landscape photography, with practical picture-taking in nature
-        Analysis of the outcomes
Expected outputs (especially in terms of the learning outcomes for the participants):
- Offer to adult learners innovative and multifarious ways of learning nature photography in international environment;
- participants will get new experiences and knowledge;
- participants will receive individual feedback about photos they have been taken and individual advice from teachers to improve the quality of photos;
-international environment gives great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among learners from different European countries;
-participants will get new contacts and new ideas for future cooperation and activities;
-participating in workshop activities will broaden the mind of learners, also gives good experience how to adjust to the people coming from different environment and cultures.
Workshop organiser Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu Foundation
Contact details:
Ms Kärt Leppik (coordinator)
Voika 23
Nõo 61601
+372 5695 2950 ; +358442026864
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